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Apsara Samudra - The best authentic Indian and Thai Cuisine

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The Reincarnation of Apsara

The new name – Apsara Samudra (Samudra is the sanskrit for ocean or a body of water) – reveals the new location of Barbados’ only North Indian and Thai fine dining restaurant. Apsara is recognized – and repeatedly revisited – for its delicious authentic cuisine prepared by sub-continental Indian- and Thailand-born chefs. The essence of Apsara – fine dishes cooked as they would be in India or Thailand, and served with Old World elegance in the New – has simply been transported to the water’s edge in St Lawrence Gap, improving the view to match the food. At last. Start every day of the week at Apsara with yoga and healthy breakfast (including Western and gluten-, wheat- and egg-free options.) Soak up ozone at a waterside table or retreat behind the Demerara windows. Escape to the private air-conditioned upstairs dining-room, perfect for small private or corporate events. The coffeepot stays on, the doors stay open. Apsara Samdura (Apsara by the Sea) offers itself as a neighbourhood resource, beginning with free Wi-Fi and extending to any use consistent with living in harmony.