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Samosa (2 Pieces) Aloo $16.00, Chicken $19.00, Lamb $21.00
A Delicious Crispy Turnover Filled With Either Potato, Chicken
Or Lamb And Flavoured With Cumin.
Pakoras Onion $15.00, Eggplant $15.00, Cauliflower $22.00
Vegetables Dipped In A Flavourful Chick Pea Batter And
Deep Fried Until Golden Brown
Aloo Tikkiays $16.00
Delicious Potato Cakes Flavoured With Curry Leaves And
Other Indian Spices – Served With Red Peshwari Chutney
Masala Mirchi Zinga $40.00
Apsara Pepper Shrimp
Apsara Mussels $38.00
Mussels Sauteed In Garlic Butter, Topped With An Apsara
Signature Sauce
Saffron Scallops $48.00
Pan Fried Sacllops Flavoured With Indian Spices And Saffron
Harra Barra Kebab $16.00
A Vegetable, Potato & Paneer Patty Delicately Flavoured And
Served With A Tamarind Chutney

Tandoori Favourites

Tandoor Ke Sholey Quarter $26.00
Tandoori Chicken Marinated And Grilled The Traditional Way
Murgh Tikka $32.00
Cubes Of Boneless Chicken Marinated In Yogurt, Red Chilli
Paste and Cooked To Perfection
Murgh Malai Tikka $37.00
Mild And Aromatic Boneless Chunks Of Chicken In A
Cream And Cashew Nut Paste
Spicy Roasted
Chicken Wings $24.00
Exceptionally Tasty!! Seasoned In Indian Spices And Slow Roasted
Adraki Chaamp $49.00
Roasted Lamb Chops Marinated In Fresh Ginger, Papaya And
A Coriander Paste
Seekh Kebab $38.00
A Spicy Kebab Of Minced Lamb Seasoned With Fresh
Mint And Yoghurt….Delicious
Tandoori Machi Tikka $37.00
Cubes Of Fresh Boneless Fish, Marinated In Lime Juice And
Pepper And Roasted In The Tandoor
Baby Octopus $26.00
Tender And Succulent Octopus Seasoned With The Finest
Indian Spices And Roasted Perfectly
Ajwani Paneer Tikka $32.00
Roasted Cubes Of Cottage Cheese, Bell Pepper & Onion -
Marinated In Yoghurt Chilli Powder And Spices
Tandoor Ke Phool $33.00
Florets Of Fresh Cauliflower Covered In Indian Spices &
Roasted In The Tandoor
Khaas Platters Vegetarian $55.00, Non Vegetarian $77.00
An Assortment Of Kebabs – Suitable For Sharing

Apsara Curries

Cooked In Our Chef’s Rich Curry Sauce…Have It Mild, Medium Or Hot!
Served With Steamed Basmati Rice
Murgh – Chicken $60.00
Gosht – Lamb $65.00
Zinga – Shrimp $69.00
Any Of The Above Can Be Prepared Vindaloo Style … An Indian Classic

Dawat– E – Apsara

Served With Steamed Basmati Rice
Murgh Makhani $60.00
Chicken Tikka Enveloped In A Rich Tomato Based Sauce,
Cooked With Butter And Cream.
Murgh Tikka Masala $60.00
Chicken Tikka Cooked With Chillies, Ginger, Tomatoes,
Garlic And Onions……Hot And Satisfying
Handi Murgh $60.00
Boneless Chicken Curry Cooked In Curd, Coconut,
Cashew Nut And Cream.
Murgh Korma $60.00
Succulent Chicken Chunks, Cooked With Indian Spices,
Cashew Nut And Cream.
Lamb Korma $65.00
Succulent Lamb Chunks, Cooked With Indian Spices,
Cashew Nut And Cream.
Lamb Rogan Josh $65.00
Spicy Rich Blend Of Lamb, Tomatoes And Seasonings…
An Indian Favourite
Hyderabadi Masala Gosht $65.00
Lamb Cooked With Indian Spices And Masalas,…
Hot And Satisfying
Keema Mutter Nawabi $65.00
Minced Lamb Cooked With Garden Peas And Seasoned With
Traditional Indian Spices
Ajj Ki Machi $70.00
Fresh Catch Of The Day Steamed In A Coconut Milk Bouillon
Flavoured With Indian Spices – Amazing
Zinga Korma $69.00
A Rich Creamy Combination Of Shrimp, Cashew Nut Paste
And Cream
Zinga Kadhai $69.00
Delectable Shrimp Sauteed With Onions, Sweet Peppers, Ginger, Coriander And Tomato Sauce

Vegan And Vegetarian

Served With Steamed Basmati Rice
Bhindi Do – Pyaza $26.00
Okhra Cooked With Tomatoes, Onions And Indian Spices
Jeera Aloo $22.00
Cubes Of Potato Tempered With Cumin … A Popular Side Dish.
Pindi Chana $25.00
Chick Peas Cooked In Freshly Ground Indian Spices.
Apsara Dals
Makhani $28.00, Palak $22.00 Yellow $22.00
Lentils Cooked With A Mild Aromatic Bouquet Of Indian Spices
Baigan Bharta $26.00
Roasted Eggplant Combined With Tomatoes, Roasted Garlic
And Indian Spices
Dhingri Matar $33.00
An Indian Speciality Of Mushrooms In A Rich Aromatic Gravy
Apsara Paneer (Palak, Shahi, Tikka Masala) $44.00
Home Made Cottage Cheese Cooked In Spinach Or A Cashew
Nut, Tomato, Cream And Koya Butter Gravy Or A Tomato, Ginger And Chilli Gravy
Subz Sangam $32.00
An Unique Combination Of Mixed Vegetables, Mushrooms
And Green Peas In A Tomato Based Sauce
Nav Ratan Korma $33.00
Mixed Seasonal Vegetables Cooked In A Cashew Nut Paste.
Malai Kofta $42.00
Cottage Cheese Dumplings A Thick Apsara Gravy Of Onions,
Cashew Nuts And Cream
Gobi Harapyaza $32.00
Florets Of Cauliflower Cooked With Spring Onions, Tomatoes And Indian Spices
Dahi – Plain Curd $12.00
Raita Of Your Choice $12.00
Kachumber Salad $12.00
A Spicy Mixed Vegetable Salad With
Ginger And Masala
Papadums $5.00
Lime & Onion Plate $5.00
Extra Steamed Rice $5.00

Basmati Selection

Chicken $33.00, Lamb $39.00 Shrimp $39.00, Vegetable $28.00
Saffron Flavoured Basmati Rice Cooked To Perfection With
Cashew Nuts, Raisins, Chicken, Lamb, Shrimp Or Vegetable
Pulao Of Your Choice $11.00
Basmati Rice Cooked With Rare Indian Spices And Your
Choice Of Green Peas, Jeera Or Vegetables
Breads From The Tandoor
Sada Naan $13.00
Plain Naan
Makhani Naan $15.00
Traditionally Leavened Refined Flour Bread
With Butter
Garlic Naan $15.00
Refined Flour Bread Sprinkled
With Minced Garlic
Peshwari Naan $20.00
Refined Flour Bread Stuffed With
Grated Coconut, Cashew Nuts & Raisins
Bharwan Aloo Paratha $15.00
Refined Flour Bread Filled With Seasoned Potatoes
Chicken Tikka Naan $26.00
Refined Flour Bread Stuffed With Strips Of Chicken Tikka And Potato
Lacchedaar Paratha $15.00
Refined Flour Bread Layered With Butter
Onion Kulcha $13.00
Refined Flour Bread Stuffed With Chopped Onions & Freshly
Chopped Green Chillies
Keema Kulcha $19.00
Refined Flour Bread Stuffed With Minced Lamb, Potato And
Indian Spices
Tandoori Roti $12.00
Refined Flour Bread Made In The Tandoor

Apsara Samudra Waverley House,
St Lawrence Gap, Christ Church, Barbados

OPEN: Monday - Saturday from 6:00 pm
CLOSED Sundays

Call for reservations: 1 246 420 5454
Call for reservations: 1 246 420 5453

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Apsara Samudra Waverley House,
St Lawrence Gap, Christ Church, Barbados

OPEN: Monday - Saturday from 6:00 pm
CLOSED Sundays

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Or click here to call us!

Email: [email protected]